About the Gippsland Coastal Board

The Gippsland Coastal Board (GCB) is one of three regional coastal boards formed under the Coastal Management Act 1995 reporting to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change.

The Victorian Coastal Council is the statewide umbrella organisation for integrated coastal management in Victoria.

The Gippsland Coastal Board’s principal role is to implement the Victorian Coastal Strategy, provide a dvice to the minister and the Victorian Coastal Council, and prepare and implement coastal action plans. Another key activity is facilitating improved coastal management through liaison with industry, government and the community.

Strategic and action planning, commissioning research, community awareness, and achieving improvements in regional coastal management also occupy the Board’s agenda.

How does the board operate?

The Gippsland Lakes Coastal Action Plan (1999) was the Board’s first approved Coastal Action Plan and we now have three other Coastal Action Plans. Coastal Action Plans incorporate principles established by the Victorian Coastal Council in the Victorian Coastal Strategy.

The Board has no core works budget but seeks funding for specific projects and research and will support other organisations with complementary objectives. The Board also seeks partnerships with organisations in order to maximise resources.