Welcome to the Gippsland Coastal Board Website

The Gippsland coast is home to thousands of people who live in or near one of the many coastal towns and settlements located between Inverloch in the Bass Coast Shire in the west to Mallacoota near the New South Wales border in the east.


The Gippsland coast remains in a largely natural state, being characterised by diverse natural environments, including important habitat for flora and fauna species protected by national parks, reserves and public foreshore land.


The Gippsland Coastal Board works with stakeholders in our region to protect and inform on important natural and heritage values significant to the state of Victoria and Australia.


1.   Gippsland Regional Coastal Plan 2015-20

The Board’s Gippsland Regional Coastal Plan was endorsed by the Minister and gazetted in September 2015.  The Plan, which is consistent with the regional plans for Central and Western coasts aims to implement the Victorian Coastal Strategy 2014 in the Gippsland Coast Region. It provides guidance to local coastal managers in preparing their own Local Coastal Management Plans.  You can download the Gippsland Regional Coastal Plan here.

Submissions received during the consultation process can be found here.

2.  Gippsland Lakes Pseudo-nitzchia algal bloom advisory cancelled

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has cancelled the precautionary advice issued on 7 February not to eat mussels, oysters and pipis collected from the Gippsland Lakes due to an algal bloom.

DHHS Acting Chief Health Officer, Dr Roscoe Taylor said: “The results from testing of seafood have shown toxin levels well below food safety guideline values over two consecutive weeks of samples. Additionally, water sampling shows that the size of the bloom has significantly reduced in the Lakes.”

Routine testing of algae levels in the Gippsland Lakes will continue on a weekly basis for at least the rest of the summer season.

3. Climate Science brochures released for Gippsland

In order to help communities understand and prepare for climate change impacts, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has developed regional-specific information sheets.The Climate-Ready information sheets explain in detail what the likely effects of climate change will be, what communities need to do to ensure they adapt to a changing climate and what opportunities a new climate may bring.  For more information go to http://www.climatechange.vic.gov.au/understand


Acknowledgement of Country and Indigenous Australians

The Gippsland Coastal Board respectfully acknowledges the original custodians of what is now known as Victoria; their rich culture, deep affinity with the land and spiritual connection to it. Photos on this site courtesy of Faye Bedford and Jeremy Neilson